My name is Anne Lindsay and I have been owned by Belgians since 1989.

My original affix was Dragonlance, however in 2002 this affix was passed to Paul & Lyn Hooper and in 2005  the affix of Fablehawk was created.

I currently live in a village location in the south of North Yorkshire, near the motorway network  where I moved to from Tayside some 20 years ago.






I only breed very occasionally, when I want to continue my lines on to the next generation.

I consider good health, temperament and sound construction the very basis of a healthy happy dog.   

The first Fablehawk litter was born on 23rd October 2011 & the second 28th September 2013. Please see “Litters” page for details and photographs

Thank you for visiting Fablehawk Belgians

Anne Lindsay



The beginning for me was when I was fortunate to acquire and co -own the very beautiful quarantine born bitch “Delark Velvet Whisper of Dragonlance”

(Fr. Ch. Emir de Condivicnum x Ch Delark Babycham) “Velvet”



Velvet for me was the start of it all and there is a little of her in all her descendents.

Updated 19th June 2016

Anne with Myth & Calon

All my dogs are hip scored and hold current clear eye certificates before being bred from.

Fablehawk is currently owned by four Tervueren and a lone Groenendael